Deus Vox Encounters 3.4

Dear players and DXE users, As the times go on so do our experiences on Apollo realms. The Twinstar Team recently blessed us with Cross-Faction Battlegrounds thanks to which it’s possible to balance players of both factions into a single battleground, splitting them as needed into both teams. I doubt there is somebody who didn’t […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 17

Dear players and DXE users, first of all, allow me to thank all of you who voted for me in the Miss Apollo contest and helped me win. As a small token of gratitude I’m offering a new DXE update in which I attempted to satisfy your suggestions. Here’s what’s new: General Added an option […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 16

Core DXE now correctly says in the chat who canceled the pull or break timers. Added support for /dbm ver addon communication. When a person with DBM uses /dbm ver command people with DXE should appear on his list. If people have both DBM and DXE I can’t guarantee which addon appears on the list […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 15

Dear players and DXE users, on the occastion of launching of fresh new Cataclysm realm I have decided to release another DXE update. This update consists of mainly two things: A collection of fixes and improvements since the last update An alternative version for the fresh new realm. Since a few timers on patches before […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 14

Dear players and DXE users, as I promised, I’m bringing you an update just in time for heroics on Apollo 2. Now this update contains everything I’ve stated in the previous post and more so let’s take a look. Morchok Stomps and Crystals Watching a couple of streams in this past week I just realized […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 13

Dear players and DXE users, in anticipation of 4.3 content I’m uniting both branches of DXE (for Apollo 1 and for Apollo 2) into one in the release of version 3.3 – 13. I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate various special features DXE contains for upcoming raid – Dragon Soul. Now you […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 12

Dear players and users of DXE addon, yet another couple of months have passed and I bring you a new version of DXE containing only a handful of fixes that I have gathered. In these last couple of months I have had only very few requests to fix minor problems and to address other minor […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 11

Dear players and users of DXE addon, after almost two months I decided to release fixes, new features and improvement that I have added to DXE in that time and for many of which you have asked. New Features Canceling pull and break timers Again one of those ideas that I meant to add for […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 10

Dear players and users of DXE addon, a lot of fixes have piled up since the last version some of which I’m mentioning below. I also implemented couple of my own ideas which I hope push the addon farther. New Features Subcategories & Ordering for Alerts For the past couple of months I have been […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 9

Dear players and users of DXE addon, thanks to the fact that a lot of you downloaded the last version there has been a great deal of requests and bug reports that I wanted to deal with. Let’s have a look what the resulting update has in store for us. New Features Dragon Soul Spine […]