Dear players and DXE users,

on the occastion of launching of fresh new Cataclysm realm I have decided to release another DXE update. This update consists of mainly two things:

  1. A collection of fixes and improvements since the last update
  2. An alternative version for the fresh new realm.

Since a few timers on patches before 4.2 are different than after it can be a little tricky for the players who will want to run the same raids on both realms but I tried to make it so it’s not too difficult neither for you nor for me. Similarly to Apollo 2 in the past there will be 2 versions of DXE available. The base one is intended for patch 4.3 and therefore the Apollo realm whereas the other version is intended for Apollo 3. Both versions consist of an entire addon and all available modules and are mostly identical. The only differences should be the result of different timers (or mechanics) that manifest between both realms.

What it means is that you can combine using both and here’s how. A player who wants to raid Dragon Soul on Apollo and Tier 11 raids on Apollo 3 should use the Apollo 3 version (that now also contains all future modules including Dragon Soul). Such player should keep in mind that should they raid Tier 11 raid on Apollo (that has 4.3 patch) a few timers won’t be perfect because their DXE is for Apollo 3. So they can use (be it temporarily) the version for Apollo. But I do believe that such situation won’t happen very often.

Now for more details about the changes that DO NOT relate to compatibility with Tier 11 raids.


Announcer selection

I have noticed that sometimes DXEs of some people collide and either overlap or block other people from announcing the Ooze Priorities so I attempted to implement a mechanic into the Yor’sahj module and the addon’s core so that DXEs can agree on who the announcer is in the same way they do in case of failed achievements announcements.

The announcer’s name should also display in the Options under the Yor’sahj module so it can be known in advance. It is important to mention that UI for Options doesn’t update by itself but only upon the user’s action (e.g. player switching between tabs which makes a fresh data load). If the announcer changes while the player has their Options opened the label doesn’t update until the user doesn’t take an action such as switching between tabs.


  • Hour of Twilight Priorities will no longer get announced after the last Hour of Twilight.
  • Fixed 3rd and any subsequent Fading Light timer after each Hour of Twilight (who weren’t showing before).
  • Druid can now have Survival Instincts set as a soaking spell for Hour of Twilight in HoP Priorities as ANY role (instead of only as a tank).

Warmaster Blackhorn

  • Modified Sapper timer so that it works for people with ElvUI.


  • Added warnings for individual phases.
  • Modified colors and icons for a few warnings, timers and durations.
  • Timer for the first phase now has a different icon on normal than on heroic.
  • Fixed Release Aberrations warning text.
  • Storm Cooldown timer is not canceled when the boss goes into the black phase.


  • Fel Flame radar circles now disappear after the intermission starts.


  • Timers for Paralize no longer show up on normal.



  • Added icon settings for Warning Anchor bars.


  • Added a sync mechanic for miscellaneous module settings.
  • Improved throttle settings sharing between DXE users.



  • Fixed bar stacking and sorting


  • Fixed the special resurrection timer.
  • Fixed spark updating on bars.
  • Fixed heal absorb text updating.

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