Dear players and DXE users,

as I promised, I’m bringing you an update just in time for heroics on Apollo 2. Now this update contains everything I’ve stated in the previous post and more so let’s take a look.


Stomps and Crystals

Watching a couple of streams in this past week I just realized that the feature of showing Stomp and Resonating Crystal Warnings for both target and focus has a dumb side effect – some people might want to use focus for the other boss just to multi-dot or for other reasons but not to have that boss’ warnings displayed. That ultimately defeates the purpose of the feature to reduce spam.

So in this version I added two more options that allow you to ignore focus for Stomp and/or Resonating Crystal warnings and only show warnings belonging to your target so you can use your focus freely.

Warlord Zon’ozz

  • Fixed Void of the Unmaking timer.
  • Added Zon’ozz active Countdown in the Black Phase

Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

  • Improved timer mechanics for people with a newer version of AceTimer library.

Ooze Priorities

  • A “None” switch option can now be chosen instead of having to select one of the colors for a given Ooze combination.

Madness of Deathwing

  • Added Congealing Blood Warning.
  • Deathwing’s Pane health bar will now be set to visually max out at 20 % in Phase 2.
  • Added 3 phase markers for Congealing Bloods and 1 phase marker for defeat percentage.



  • Anchor stacks can have individual bar spacing.
  • Increased decimal font size limit for anchored and special timers.
  • Implemented individual bar settings (detached from Top, Center, Emphasis, Warning stacks) for special bars (such as RBG, LFG, Ressurect, etc.) called Special Anchored Bars.
  • Added emphasized and special timers into the Alert Test procedure.



  • You can no longer make a speed kill record of < 1 second to make sure randomly reset defeats with time = 0 would never record.
  • Added a condition that attempting a defeat inside a cinematic while a delayed wipe should have been set should fail now.


  • Several bar animation fixes.


  • Setting a default anchored bar text color now actually works and is also animated during transition between two stacks. Same goes for special bars’ text.
  • A special Resurrect timer’s show left / right icon options now actually works.

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