Dear players and users of DXE addon,

after almost two months I decided to release fixes, new features and improvement that I have added to DXE in that time and for many of which you have asked.

New Features

Canceling pull and break timers

Again one of those ideas that I meant to add for a long time but I was never really sure if it could be done. After recent couple of requests from You, the players, I decided to attempt to pursue it and make it happen – and I did.

Since this version it is possible to cancel the pull and break timer not only for yourself but also for everyone in the group. This is useful for when the invalid pull or break timer is announced and announcing a new one takes a while to decide.

There are 2 ways to cancel pull / break timer:

  1. Using a chat command
    • /dxe pull 0
    • /dxe break 0
  2. By middle-clicking the Pull Countdown icon on the Pane panel of DXE.

Canceling the pull / break timer can help the raid leader and his/her assists cancel multiple pull timers (if multiple people announce them) and make a new correct pull timer for both DXE and DBM users.

Unfortunately DBM won’t give up the raid warning announcements for pull announced by people using DBM but this the best DXE can do without DBM’s cooperation.



  • Fixed the role check function that failed if the load order of core and options modules had been swapped for whatever reason which has broken DXE in many ways.


  • “Entering dungeon …” countdown will no longer show if the player is inside 5-man instance. The good news is that it should make it not appear while the players are queueing for a missing player using LFG inside the instance. The bad news is that it won’t show up for the player if he/she is inside a 5-man instance (albeit the low level one) while queueing for a new dungeon (room for improvement maybe).
  • Fixed internal resetting of colors that after creating a new window (such as radar) changed the current timer’s colors to white and had many other side effects.


  • Fixed the functionality of “Cancel pull timer on pull” option that didn’t work as intended.

Dragon Soul

Madness of Deathwing

  • Fixed removing of exploding parasite radar circle.

Wyrmrest Summit

  • Reduced the number of triggers for The Eye of Eternity portal. The NPC messages using which the original triggering worked, have turned out to be in a random order with the exception of the first and the last one. In short, the timer will now appear only for the first people to come and then only shortly before the portal opens. In the mean time the estimation of the timer is pretty much a guessing game therefore I removed it.



  • Added a cooldown timer for Face Rage. The timer behaves more dynamically than the DBM’s. If the hound gets frozen DXE considers whether the dog has time to free itself. If it can’t (if the dog has been frozen within 10 seconds or less until the jump) the timer is canceled because it’s clear the hound won’t be able to make the jump. At the moment when the jump should have happened a new timer is triggered.

Majordomo Staghelm

  • Fixed removing of Searing Seeds radar circles (retroactively hotfixed in the last version).


  • Added warning after killing a Son of Flame in the intermission phase announcing the number of remaining Sons.
  • Hand of Ragnaros cooldown timer wiill no longer be triggered by death knights duplicating the spell using Dark Simulacrum.
  • Fixed triggering of Engulfing Flames warnings.


  • Registered a gossip to activate the bridge behind the Baleroc so that it’s possible to automatically activate it after clicking the orb.

The Deadmines


  • Warning and timer for Blink will no longer get triggered by the player mages using the same spell (/facepalm).


Version 3.3 11 for Apollo 1 / Apollo 2


Thank you for your ideas on how to improve the addon and if you like my work on the DXE please consider contributing stars in the section A contribution to the development.

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