Dear players and users of DXE addon,

thanks to the fact that a lot of you downloaded the last version there has been a great deal of requests and bug reports that I wanted to deal with. Let’s have a look what the resulting update has in store for us.

New Features

Dragon Soul

Spine of Deathwing

Based on a request I have added a new type of bar to the DXE that I call an “inflict bar”. It is something like “absorb damage” bar but in this case the damage dealt is not absorbed but rather received. The goal was to display how much more damage is player required to deal to Corruption tentacles and it looks like this:

It’s of course meant for the players that are supposed to attack the tentacles because of Fiery Grips. Others should probably disable it.



  • Added the Face Rage warning.
  • Added the Face Rage arrow.

Radar Circles for Crystal Traps

For Shanox I have a rather test function that I’m not sure how useful it will be but anyway. I added to the module and to the core a support for placing radar circles for Crystal Traps.

Thanks to this feature you will temporarily be able to see where the thrown trap is going to land on the radar and how large its area of effect is. Why temporarily? It is because of the technical limitations of the game. While with the secondary way of activating traps (that is, one of the players jumps into them) is expected and will make in 99 % of cases the circle disappear, there is no reliable way to say which trap should be removed when one of the Shanox’s dogs steps into them. That is why the circles disappear after 15 seconds on their own.

I’m hoping it somewhat helps you with the positioning e.g. when the trap is placed in the melee pack near the boss.

Bastion of Twilight


After watching a stream I came to the conclusion that it’s redundant for warnings and cooldowns for Depravity to be displayed for people that don’t have Corrupting Adherents in target or focused.

That’s the purpose of this setting which can be enabled or disabled in the Miscellaneous section for Cho’gall.


As a part of extending Pane I added a new button – Role Check. Similarly to the Ready Check button this button too will be faded if the player doesn’t have the required rights.

Don’t forget that you can hide or show any button from Pane via the Options, section Pane > Buttons.


The Next new situationally useful feature is the Resurrection bar that will appear under the Resurrection dialogue. The time limit during which you can accept the resurrection is between 1 and 3 minutes. For some reason the game doesn’t show you (unlike the timer for the automatic release spirit). Knowing the resurrection time can be sometimes useful when you want to wait before accepting the resurrection.

Thanks to this bar you won’t have to worry about having the ressurection disappear right before you wanted to use it.

PS: Don’t mind the spell that is displayed for the resurrection. The feature doesn’t parse the combat log so it’s pretty much an informed guess and it’s for aesthetic reasons mostly.


Dragon Soul

Spine of Deathwing

  • Fixed the marking of Amalgamation when it’s exploding.


Majordomo Staghelm

  • Fixed the timer for Seeds explosion.


  • Fixed the setting to reduce spam for Meteor knockback source announcement.


The Battle of Gilneas

  • Fixed a bug of bases-to-win prediction that made other battleground mechanisms stuck.

Other fixes


  • Fixed a Lua error when the DXE tried to automatically select a role for a player that had now talents.


  • Fixed dots fading beyond the range limit.


  • Fixed the “Disable Dropdowns” setting.
  • Bar spacing is now a part of the bar translation animation calculation between two stacks.
  • Fixed timer icons flickering during the animation of other bar’s translation between two stacks..
  • Fixed the font size setting during the bar translation animation.


  • Fixed disappearing of testing timers. When you click the button “Stop Test Alerts” all testing timers should disappear and the ones that were present before the test started should remain.
  • Fixed a Lua error when switching between profiles because of the radar.
  • Fixed resetting the battleground / encounter timer when enabling / disabling the displaying of speed kills.


Version 3.3 – 9 for Apollo 1 / Apollo 2


I thank you for the feedback! It is clear there are still things to improve upon in the addon. If you like my work on DXE consider contributing stars in section A contribution to the development.

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