Dear short-term and long-term users of my branch of Deus Vox Encounters addon.

I have been thinking about making a section for DXE on this website devoted to user Reviews so that those who visit the website have the opportunity to read authentic opinions of other people.

And so I would like to ask those who are willing and have such an experience with DXE that they would offer their, be it subjective but also constructive, review including:

  • how they came to know about the DXE addon,
  • what made them try the DXE out,
  • what’s their experience in contrast to what they were using prior.

I would also like them to include their preferred nickname under which the review should be signed so people can look the author up. Also the author can include their Twinstar forum nickname should he or she feel people could reach him/her better there. The goal is to publish only reviews that are not anonymous.

The review doesn’t have to be long or extensive or even be reduced to addressing the points above. The important thing is to capture your own experience with the addon.

If you want to include a screenshot of your UI with the DXE in action I would be happy to include it with your review as well.

You can send your reviews the way you prefer either using the PM on the official Twinstar Forums, or by e-mail or we can agree on another means. Please note that before publishing your review I shall be contacting you on the character you chose to sign the review with. It is to make sure there are not reviews made up and signed on behalf of other people.

I thank you in advance for all your reviews!

Greghouse @ Apollo (