Dear current and future users of DXE addon,

after a couple of weeks we have a new DXE update that comes with a number of fixes and improvements. But before we come to its short overview let me introduce you to a new function that is the most important to show you.

The function I am talking about are the Radar Lines which is a newly implemented function based on an impulse given me by a player whose name I could not find it was so long ago. The new functionality allows us in general to draw lines between two points on the DXE radar. This new tool is newly used in the Madness of Deathwing encounter where after spawning of each tentacle Mutated Corruption a set of lines is drawn between its position and position of other players. These lines indicate an area in which player shouldn’t be standing if they don’t want to get hti by tentacle’s Crush ability with players standing in front or behind you. Radar also turns red should the player come close enough to the other player’s line which indicates an obvious danger.

WARNING: For the detection to work properly it is necessary for player with a role of tank to be close enough to the Corrupting Tentacle! The mechanism is somewhat tolerant but in some cases the tentacles are so close it can be impossible to tell which one the two it is.

The mechanic is currently limited in a way that it doesn’t draw lines belonging to players that are too far behind the radar’s viewing limit. Therefore it is best to use the default range of 42 yards or more.


  • Fixed the loading of miscellaneous encounter settings when the default value was set to false.
  • Pull and break timers should now show even for the player who triggered them in their DXE.


  • Global Ressurrection timer now has an option to set audio countdown voice (the default settings is OFF).
  • When the Global Ressurection timer gets disabled it will now interrupt further countdowns.

Player vs Player

  • Global Ressurection timer is now automatically hidden when the battleground ends.


  • When the player enters the battleground and enters combat before loading ends the original Score Frame is hidden after the combat ends.

Eye of the Storm

  • Fixed removing of the flag carrier arrow.
  • The automatic reotation of Score Slots for bases can now be turned off in battleground’s module settings.

Warsong Gulch

  • Fixed removing of the flag carrier arrow.

Strand of the Ancients

  • Repositioned Score Slots for gates and graveyards.

Dragon Soul

Warmaster Blackhorn

  • Encounter is no longer activated by clicking on the ship captains. This should fix “random” reseting of DXE during the Spine of Deathwing encounter.

Madness of Deathwing

  • Added Radar Lines for the Mutated Corruption.

Throne of the Four Winds


  • Fixed hiding of Wind Burst timer in phase 3 after the spell is casted.



  • Added API for drawing lines onto the radar.

Raid Icons

  • Extended comunication for client agreement.

DOWNLOAD vesion 635 | 3.3 – 2 (ZIP file)​

A lot of fixes and improvements were based upon your input. Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is something wrong with the DXE addon or you have an idea of a new function. I’ll be sure to consider it.

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