Why do you bother fixing DXE when DBM works fine?

I enjoy doing it and I like DXE better (both as a user and as a developer) because I’m more in control and DBM doesn’t always work as well as I would want.

Could you modify my addon?

No but I’m willing to give advice in this regard (as best I can).

Could you make a functionality X into a separate addon? I like it very much.

I could but I’m not going to. I try to keep DXE as a whole, a collection of useful functions and systems. I have no intent of “selling it for parts”

DXE doesn’t load at all. What can I do?

If the cause of the problem is the missing libraries (needing to turn off some / all of your addons to make DXE work makes this a likely possibility) use following guide. Otherwise let me know.

What makes DXE better than DBM?

I’m not saying it’s necessarily better in every way. There are some things that DXE doesn’t include such as pre-Cata raids. However DXE contains many functions and features DBM doesn’t have at all or they can’t be setup as well. I would advice looking at Features section.

All timers and warnings are couple of seconds delayed. What’s wrong?

Sometimes the game goes into a state where the data from combat log are delayed which causes all addons that use it be also delayed.

It usually manifests as other addons showing your character’s name as Unknown or the combat log is delayed. This makes DXE also lag behind with its interactions and after killing the boss the DXE thinks the raid has wiped even though they did kill the boss.

The solution is usually to reload you UI using /reload.