I have been playing on the Twinstar server (on the former WotLK realm Phobos, later Hyperion and currently Cataclysm realm Apollo, formally known as Artemis) since the middle of 2011 under the nickname Greghouse.

For the last couple of years I have been developing addons in my spare time and since 2016 I have been developing my branch of Deus Vox Encounters (aka DXE) addon. I also created couple of more simple addons such as GreghouseStyle and others (mostly for my own use).

You can reach me on one of my characters at Apollo: GreghouseAmbervolakisKutner, Ericforeman, Thirteen, Nikolascage, Allycameron,  JameswilsonGargamell or Lisacuddy.

You can also reach me at: