Dear players,

TL;DR: I will not be making Mists-of-Pandaria-compatible version of my branch of DXE addon. Those who care to read my statement may continue below.

Many of you who have been playing Cataclysm on Apollo (or its brother realms or predecessors) have been waiting for years for Mists of Pandaria to arrive – I haven’t. I have stopped raiding in 2016-ish and have logged into the game rather infrequently. The only thing that really tied me to the game since then was the DXE’s development which allowed me to experience a whole new side of the game. But since I practically stopped playing the game I lost most of the interest in moving onto the next expansion.

That put me into a difficult position because by now I had developed DXE quite a lot and transferring all that work onto Mists of Pandaria would probably take many months of work. Work for a game no longer played. So for the last couple of years I expected things might change in some way. Maybe I would start playing again. I didn’t want to state years ago as a fact that I won’t be able to continue DXE’s support into the next expansion but now that the MoP release date was announced I can’t delay no more and say it definitively.

Over the years I spent thousands of hours developing DXE – an addon I felt had potential. I collaborated with many of you who took interest, I took a lot of your advice and suggestions and sometimes even if I didn’t initially think they were worth considering. I felt that the best part of developing DXE was not only I could rely on my ideas but yours too and I hoped that would make it seem it mattered what people had to say about the addon.

First I must thank the DXE original developers. Without their efforts I would have had nothing to build on. They made an addon that was useful for players to have and interesting for me to develop. I also have to thank my friends and former guild mates who (will probably never read this) helped me a huge deal to be able to push this development further. They are (in no particular order) Vant (aka Mimo) and Cezeta (both of who helped me pretty much get this thing going), Blazingfury and Blackwolf (who spent hours helping me with DXE testing gaining little to nothing back) and last but not least the Twinstar team who allowed me to test DXE on PTR which allowed me to develop a huge chunk of DXE that would have been very very impractical developing otherwise.

For anyone who wants to keep using the current or prior versions of my DXE branch they will all continue to be available as will be my website (

Even though I don’t really play the game anymore I still see that DXE have found a way into many of your hearts and seeing it in your videos makes me smile. In the past I had never hoped to be able to replace DBM for other people. I thought it was too famous and DXE too unknown. I tried anyway and after all these years I think I came as close as it gets.

Thank you for giving DXE a chance and me years of fun making it all happen!

3 thoughts on “DXE & MoP

  1. Totally understandable, thank you for all your hard work! DXE is a superb addon! I too no longer really feel compelled to play wow but I will give mop a chance. Although DXE will be missed, I am sure you are in a new chapter of your life, enjoying different things!

    Thanks again Greg for all your hard work!!!<3

  2. Thank you for your work. The addon you gave us was and still is exquisite. It will be dearly missed going forwards, as much as your presence ingame. Good luck with your future endeavours.

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