Even with the release of new PvP mechanics DXE wasn’t left without new problems, bugs or omits and several ideas as well. So a DXE update goes on in version 3.1 – 1 and contains these fixes and features:


  • Fixed a ‘speed kill’ recording in battlegrounds for the other faction.
  • Scanner no longer throws Lua error after the battleground ends.


  • Fixed displaying of several battleground module’s items.
  • Added an option to hide Blizzard’s minor timer for battleground start (which automatically hides the big countdown with digits).
  • Added an option to show a DXE’s own big countdown before the battleground start (which shouldn’t be as buggy as the original but doesn’t include the faction logos at the end)

Player vs. Player

  • Fixed updating of targeting action for ScoreFrame slots after the combat ends.
  • Fixed the ScoreFrame slots animation when there is only Global Timer visible.
  • Reorganized PvP modules alphabetically.
  • Added a new action mechanics for ScoreFrame slots that allows for certain safe action (such as sending battleground chat messages) to be updated even in combat.


  • Battlegrounds with bases now contain a new ScoreFrame slot mechnic to call for help.
    • On left mouse click a message that the enemy is INCOMING wil be sent.
      • Clicking multiple times will result in more specific message about how many (3 clicks = 3 enemies incoming).
    • On middle mouse click a message that the base is UNDER ATTACK will be sent.
    • On right mouse click a message that the base is SAFE will be sent.
  • Texts for such calls can be customized in Options.
  • Modified the chat announcement texts when a person click a timer for a base assault while holding control button.

Alterac Valley

  • Fixed replacing the assault timers for graveyards.

Strand of the Ancients

  • Fixed a round start label.
  • Round 2 length is now determined by the battleground’s actual duration at the given time.
  • Fixed displaying of the time remaining for the Round 1 (for timer as well as for the Globe Timer)
  • Score panels for points will now be hidden.
  • Round 2 timer will no longer be visible if the round length is not known (e. g. when you join during the Round 2)


  • Fixed triggering of Fel Firestorm warning.

DOWNLOAD version 635 | 3.3 – 1 (ZIP archive)​

Known issues

It’s important to realize that both game map and DXE draws the information about the bases from the same source. If the game map doesn’t show you the icons for bases (one or more) it’s a signal that DXE’s functionality will be impaired too. There is nothing DXE can do about it.

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