Dear players and users of DXE addon,

yet another couple of months have passed and I bring you a new version of DXE containing only a handful of fixes that I have gathered.

In these last couple of months I have had only very few requests to fix minor problems and to address other minor issues which tells me you are satisfied with the state of the addon.


Majordomo Staghelm

  • Form switching should now cancel boss’ next attack spell cooldown timer.


  • Fixed Dreadflame triggering.


Auto Responder

  • Fixed the plugin attempting to whisper people even though the function is disabled by the player.


  • Global Resurrection Timer enabling / disabling fixed.


  • Global Resurrection Timer can no longer be started outside of BG.


  • Won’t show lua error about not having a activeMap available when the Radar is not shown.
  • Fixed radar lines hiding outside of the encounter.


Version 3.3 12 for Apollo 1 / Apollo 2


Should you have an idea on how to improve DXE please let me know and if you like my work on the DXE please consider contributing stars in the section A contribution to the development.

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