I hereby announce the “UI with DXE” contest in which I’m looking for the best looking UI that includes addon DXE. If you’d like to take part in the contest read the following contest terms and conditions and send your application using the form at the bottom.

Contest terms and conditions

General terms of the contest

  • The contest initiator („Organizer“) is Greghouse, a developer of Deus Vox Encounter („DXE“) addon and a player of Apollo 1 realm.
  • The contest takes place between 10 August 2020 and 31 August 2020.
  • Only a game character from Apollo 1 („Character“) can take part in the contest.
  • Every Character can send only one Contest application using the form below („Application“).
  • Every player can send Application for only one Character.
  • The Organizer does not take part in the contest with his game characters.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to reject any Character that doesn’t meet the Contest participation rules.
  • The Organizer will determined the final ranking subjectively only based on the competing screenshot of their user interface „Screenshot“).
  • Grand prizes are going to be announced on 1 September 2020 if at least 5 players take part in the contest.
  • As a part of the announcement the names of winning characters and their Screenshots are going to be published.

Contest participation rules

  1. Proper and complete filling out of the sent Application.
  2. Included Screenshot must match following criteria:
    • It must be taken during a boss encounter or during the battleground in progress.
    • It must depict player’s user interface („UI“), with the DXE addon version developed for Apollo 1 realm and originating from the website dxe.jecool.net as an active UI component
    • The UI must not be basic and it must be apparent that its customization took some effort.
  3. Character whose name has been changed between the time of sending the Application up until the time the prize is awarded is automatically excluded from the Contest.

Contest prizes

Grand prizes

1st place – 20 000 gold
2nd place – 10 000 gold
3rd place – 5 000 gold


Each properly filled out Application is eligible for a 100 gold Bonus.

Rules for receiving the prizes

  1. Grand prizes are going to be handed out to the winning Characters using trade in the presence of other Grand prize winners.
  2. Character that wins a grand prize and / or a Bonus must have downloaded and activated the latest DXE version available for a given realm at the time of receiving the prize.
  3. Characters who earned the Bonus are going to be informed after the Winners announcement using the in-game mail.
  4. Characters who earned the Bonus can ask of the payment using any preferred comunication channel from the section About.

Contest application

The contest is over