Greetings, users and fans of DXE!

Again after a lengthy pause I’m here to let you know about a handful of additions that I have decided to include into a new version Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 7.

New features

Based on the ideas from other players the PvP module has gained couple of new functions. The first one is a DBM mechanic that I didn’t know about but I was asked by Karpagon to include it in the DXE. I’m talking about a function of the automatic release of spirit after you die in a battleground.

Automatic Release Spirit

As the name suggests this function will automatically release spirit for you when you die inside a battleground which is (in most situations) very useful to do as quickly as possible because you might miss a window in which the mass resurrection takes place.

Should there be a reason a player might not want to instantly release their spirit, DXE contains a chat command (which can by design be used in a macro too) that toggles this function on and off:

/dxe autorepop

Although I implemented the function by myself, looking back at the DBM code it is obvious that both authors had similar thinking.

Another addition is a function requested by the same player and it is:

Bases To Win

This function is in principal also included in DBM but after taking a closer look into its source code and based on the request I decided to do in a bit differently. During the Arathi Basin and The Battle for Gilneas battlegrounds the function in DXE displays bars that show (in case the player’s side is losing) 2 pieces of information:

  • How many bases should be taken from the enemy to achieve victory
  • How many bases should your team earn to achieve victory

These pieces of information need to be distinguished because there might be a situation where you only need to attack an enemy base to prevent the enemy from getting its points which might be enough to win.

Flag Pole Radar Circles

The last new PvP-related feature is a little function for flag battlegrounds and I was asked for it by Zabijacik. Using the feature of radar circles when the player is holding the flag the radar will draw an area around the flag pole where the trigger to deliver the flag can reach.

The point is to allow the player to stand right outside this boundry to be able to campture the flag as quickly as possible. Should he/she stay inside the circle flag won’t be captured until they step out (thanks to the current triggering bug).

Entering LFG Bar

It’s been a quite some time since the developers added a 2-second delay for RDF teleport but only recently I thought of making a dedicated bar for this purpose that would be placed on the same spot as RDF countdown. The result is a visual countdown that allows you more easily avoid getting automatically teleported to the dungeon because if the player’s character is at the moment of teleport (2 seconds after all members accept their invitation) in the air or falling it won’t get teleported. From time to time this is quite useful and for me it’s visually pleasing too.

Raids & Dungeons

Blackwing Descent


  • Improved Lava Parasites cooldown timer.
  • Added Magmaw Stun duration timer.
  • Added tracing of HP of Magmaw’s head on the Pane panel when Magmaw is impaled.

Omnotron Defense System

  • Added a radar circle for Lightning Conductor.


  • Improved Nefarian Landing countdown timer.
  • Added a radar circle for Explosive Cinders.
  • Added Blast Nova interrupt warning.
  • Improved Explosive Cinders cooldown timer.
  • Shadowblaze Spark cooldown timer can be set to be postponed by a Shadowflame Breath cast.
  • Added Shadowblaze Spark warning.



  • Improved New Spinners cooldown timer.
  • Added a radar circle for a Widow’s Kiss.



  • Lightning Cloud alerts will no longer get triggered by non-player units.


Automatic Role Selection

I’m not really sure how much have people noticed but everytime I queue RDF as tank / heal, get picked as a heal but being in tank spec I got my role automatically changed to the other spec after switching my talent tree. This led to funny situations where RDF ground had 2 tanks and 0 healers or 2 healers and 0 tanks.

Anyway from this version on the bug above should be a thing of the past.

Ultraxion Hour of Twilight Priorities bug

I’m hereby saying hi to the player Dullso and I’m reporting that I’ve finally figured out the cause of the Options crashing when setting up the Hour of Twilight priorities and I made sure it will not happen again. Even though it won’t update the UI on the first go (sadly that’s how UI works) at leaset you won’t have to close and open the Options again 🙂


Strand of the Ancients

  • Added Battleground Draw timer.

DOWNLOAD version 635 | 3.3 – 7 (ZIP file)​

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