Dear players, TL;DR: I will not be making Mists-of-Pandaria-compatible version of my branch of DXE addon. Those who care to read my statement may continue below. Many of you who have been playing Cataclysm on Apollo (or its brother realms or predecessors) have been waiting for years for Mists of Pandaria to arrive – I […]

Miss Twinstar

Dear DXE users, if you ever considered appreciate my work on DXE, now is your easy chance that costs nothing but a couple of seconds of your time. Earlier this month I participated in Miss Twinstar event and I among 19 others have been selected to advance into the 2nd round where popularity vote takes […]

Contest: UI with DXE [CLOSED]

I hereby announce the “UI with DXE” contest in which I’m looking for the best looking UI that includes addon DXE. If you’d like to take part in the contest read the following contest terms and conditions and send your application using the form at the bottom. Contest terms and conditions General terms of the […]

A favor (a review)

Dear short-term and long-term users of my branch of Deus Vox Encounters addon. I have been thinking about making a section for DXE on this website devoted to user Reviews so that those who visit the website have the opportunity to read authentic opinions of other people. And so I would like to ask those […]