Chimaeron’s Break hotfix

Recently some of you have been writing me about the Break timer at Chimaeron not working. To clear up the situation, when the parts of the boss were reworked since the last version on Apollo, combat log output simply changed. This caused the timer bar simply hang and would only re-trigger after spells like Massacre […]


Dear players, TL;DR: I will not be making Mists-of-Pandaria-compatible version of my branch of DXE addon. Those who care to read my statement may continue below. Many of you who have been playing Cataclysm on Apollo (or its brother realms or predecessors) have been waiting for years for Mists of Pandaria to arrive – I […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.4

Dear players and DXE users, As the times go on so do our experiences on Apollo realms. The Twinstar Team recently blessed us with Cross-Faction Battlegrounds thanks to which it’s possible to balance players of both factions into a single battleground, splitting them as needed into both teams. I doubt there is somebody who didn’t […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 17

Dear players and DXE users, first of all, allow me to thank all of you who voted for me in the Miss Apollo contest and helped me win. As a small token of gratitude I’m offering a new DXE update in which I attempted to satisfy your suggestions. Here’s what’s new: General Added an option […]

Miss Twinstar

Dear DXE users, if you ever considered appreciate my work on DXE, now is your easy chance that costs nothing but a couple of seconds of your time. Earlier this month I participated in Miss Twinstar event and I among 19 others have been selected to advance into the 2nd round where popularity vote takes […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 16

Core DXE now correctly says in the chat who canceled the pull or break timers. Added support for /dbm ver addon communication. When a person with DBM uses /dbm ver command people with DXE should appear on his list. If people have both DBM and DXE I can’t guarantee which addon appears on the list […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 15

Dear players and DXE users, on the occastion of launching of fresh new Cataclysm realm I have decided to release another DXE update. This update consists of mainly two things: A collection of fixes and improvements since the last update An alternative version for the fresh new realm. Since a few timers on patches before […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 14

Dear players and DXE users, as I promised, I’m bringing you an update just in time for heroics on Apollo 2. Now this update contains everything I’ve stated in the previous post and more so let’s take a look. Morchok Stomps and Crystals Watching a couple of streams in this past week I just realized […]

Pre-heroic update

On the 8th of June I will be releasing another update just in time before the heroic progress starts on Apollo 2. The update will contain fixes for Warlord Zon’ozz and his orb timer, a fix for Yor’sahj where the Call Blood timer wouldn’t show for some people later in the encounter and couple of […]

Deus Vox Encounters 3.3 – 13

Dear players and DXE users, in anticipation of 4.3 content I’m uniting both branches of DXE (for Apollo 1 and for Apollo 2) into one in the release of version 3.3 – 13. I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate various special features DXE contains for upcoming raid – Dragon Soul. Now you […]