Dear players and users of DXE addon,

I decided to release one more version before the release of Firelands on Apollo 2. But the version 3.3 – 8 brings fixes and improvements to players on both Apollo realms. Here is a short overview:



  • Boss emotes for summoning all kids of adds are now automatically suppressed.
  • Added a warning for summoning all kinds of adds to replace boss emotes.
  • New Spinners timer won’t show in Phase 2 anymore.
  • Smoldering Devastation cast timer will now persist to Phase 2.
  • Duration timer for Fixate now gets automatically cancelled when the Drone dies.


  • Fixed initial pull timer.
  • Added a warning for Summoning Lava Worms.
  • Added a warning for Cataclysm.
  • Added a warning for Firestorm.
  • Automatically enabled a bunch of boss emote filters that overlap existing warnings.


  • Boss emotes for Blades are filtered out and replaced with warnings.
  • People with Tormented debuff will now show up on radar with an area around them to display a danger zone to get infected with Tormented.

Majordomo Staghelm

  • Added boss emote filters for boss transformations into a cat and a scorpion.


  • Added a boss emote fitler for Blazing Heat.


  • Interrupt warning for Cauterize is now only displayed when the player has Flamewaker Cauterizer in target or in focusu (lowers spam).

Bastion of Twilight

Halfus the Wyrmbreaker

  • Added a duration timer for Paralysis.

Twilight Ascendent Council

  • Added boss emote filters for Frost Beacon and Thundershock.

Dragon Soul


  • Now has an option to enable dynamtic emphasizing of Resonating Crystal warning in case it comes after the last Stomp before the black phase.
  • Fixed triggering of Black Blood phase warning.


  • The radar will only pop-up in relevant situations.
  • Color combination instructions are now both in Czech and English and still can be set to a custom texts at will.


  • Fixed 3 bugs of displaying the transition of timers between Top stack and other stacks.

DOWNLOAD version 3.3 – 8 | Apollo 1 (ZIP file)​

DOWNLOAD version 3.3 – 8 | Apollo 2 (ZIP file)​


Once again I ask you. Should you find any strange behaviour in the DXE or you don’t like something please do let me know. I will try to resolve it.

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