Hello to everybody in these ‘coronavirus’ times and I hope you are all in good shape.

A new version of DXE focuses mainly on fulfulling Your reuqests that you have sent me in these past few months. What’s new you ask?

New stuff

Spine of Deathwing

As requested by some of you I extended the addon with a new type of bar that monitors absorbed healing and I used it for the [Searing Plasma] spell. It is my solution for some of you being used to the DBM displaying this instead of the boss’ healthbars. I hope you will find my solution adequate for its purpose.

Absorb Healing bar is generally displayed on the center stack among timers that are soon to go off but they can be moved to the Ephasis stack that has its own placement. Although the bar displays a timer after which it fades the filling of the bar is determined by the healing absorbed that is also indicated by the text that shows how much more you need to heal.

The bar is meant mainly for 10-man version of the encounter because on 25-man it is very likely the amount of absorb bars will be “too damn high”. That being said the mechanics will work on any raid difficulty and size. In case you would want to have it disabled for 25-man you can use the Disable Searing Plasma [Absorbs] on 25-man option in Miscellanous tab of Spine of Deathwing encounter settings.


[By request] I added an option to print the warning text into the default chat window on top of showing it elsewhere (such as warning frames).

You can find the option for in Options (as shown above) and the resulting output should look a bit like this:


[By request I added a mechanic of predicting the final score of the battleground into a victory timer for both factions for

  • Arathi Basin
  • The Battle for Gilneas
  • Eye of the Storm

I would like to say that I consider this mechanic to be about 95 % effective since dispite my greatest efforts it can happen the mechanics might be 1 tick off.

Additionally for the battleground of Eye of the Storm I added an option to display a flag value in points under the name of the flag carrier in the current state of bases.

Similarly to the base buttons automatic rotation this setting can also be turned off in the options for Eye of the Storm in Score Panel section.

Valiona & Theralion

  • [By request] I added an announcement to say chat: Twilight Blast on me.

General Umbriss

  • A new warning Blitz on me

Helix Gearbreaker

  • A new radar circle for Chest Bomb.


Halls of Origination

  • I fixed a mechanic of triggering a message that the achievement [I Hate That Song] was just failed.

Madness of Deathwing

  • Fixed canceling of timer for [Elementium Bolt] when it’s been destroyed.


  • Fixed sending DXE warnings to other people which is used mainly at Yor’sahje or Ultraxiona.
  • Absorb and Absorb Healing bars can now be individually tested in Options and can also be emphasized.

DOWNLOAD version 635 | 3.3 – 6 (ZIP file)​


If you like the new features presented above please do download the new version using the link above. But for what is worth stay safe and healthy and if you come up more ideas to improve the addon don’t hesitate to send them my way.

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