• DXE now correctly says in the chat who canceled the pull or break timers.
  • Added support for /dbm ver addon communication. When a person with DBM uses /dbm ver command people with DXE should appear on his list. If people have both DBM and DXE I can’t guarantee which addon appears on the list from DBM’s side.
  • Added support for version check for DBM. When checking for other people’s DXE versions, people with DBM will also be notified and their version response will appear in the version table.


  • Fixed RDF counter for players that accepted RDF proposal.
  • Added Tol Barad and Wintergrasp invite timers with a sound alert.
  • Battlefield invitation alerts (Tol Barad and Wintergrasp) have its sound played no matter the game mute settings (such as using CTRL+S) in contrast of battleground alert sounds that DXE plays only when the game sound is muted.


  • Border Inset of bars can now be set in the Options > Alerts > Bars.
  • Achievement anncouncements can now be disabled globally instead of having to disable them individually on per-boss basis.

Halfus the Wyrmbreaker

  • Shadow Nova cooldown timer now gets delayed if the Paralysis is applied on the boss.


  • Fixed Corrupting Crash cooldown timer.
  • Fixed Depravity cooldown timer.


  • Break Cooldown timer now should take into account boss’ slowed swing timer.

Echo of Tyrande

  • Radar lines for Moon Lance now get correctly reset on pull.

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