Dear current and future users of DXE addon,

couple of weeks have passed and time has come for another DXE update that brings us these changes:

Warlord Zon’ozz and god knows where else

Thanks to our co-operation with the player Efan I was finally able to identfy the cause of UI hangs and crashes that were most apparent during the Warlord Zon’ozz encounter after Disrupting Shadows spell but could occur virtually anywhere.

The faulty code has been removed and the crashes or lags caused by this will no longer happen.

Radar Circles

With regards to the Radar modifications I made in the last update and the new function of Radar Lines I have decided to slightly change the way we use the Radar.

Up until now the Radar’s range parameter was the most important for us. In other words, everytime we needed to keep a certain distance from someone the rader has had a particular range set up.

This process had a few disadvantages though. In case of spell I like to call ‘bombs’ where somebody gets a debuff and everybody has to keep a certain distance from him the radar would turn red everytime anybody else would come closer even if he wasn’t the one affected. To keep the radar green one would have to keep the stated distance from everybody which may not make a lot of sense in many situations. It’s not rare that player have time to adjust and reposition to meet the proper distance anyway.

The second disadvantage is that it’s impossible to combine multiple distances. Radar has either one distance set or another. If we are dealing with 2 different distance limits we have to choose one and ignore the other.

The solution is to display radar circles. So the person which we should avoid has a circle around him on the radar with corresponding size and color that changes according to how many people should be in his proximity.

an example of Frostflake on Hagara
(on the left the player is outside the huge bubble, on the right the player is inside the hube bubble)

The circles have 3 modes:

  • avoid – whoever gets in range of the circle turns the circle red
    stacks – the circle is red and the more people come into the circle the more yellow it gets until the required cap is reached and it turns green
    custom – the circle color is changed in whatever way it is useful, e.g. Hagara – the circle turns green if and only if the person affected is inside the huge bubble so he can be dispeled

Recommendation: If you plan on using the radar for more than just a plain red-green light and you actually care about what’s being displayed, make it as large as necessary. You will notice that the example screenshots I’show no teeny-tiny radar 🙂

Circles are also placed either:

  • on a player – meaning they move with the player, e.g.:
    • Warlord Zon’ozz – Disrupting Shadows
    • Hagara – Frostflake
    • Madness of Deathwing – Corrupting Parasite
  • at a location – is fixed in place, e. g.:
    • Cho’gall – Shadow Crash (landing location of crash)

The circle size depends always on the current radar range limit and the same rule applies to its visibility. Radar also in certain cases turns red only if the player gets too close to anybody he’s not supposed to. That is why it’s possible to check whether you or the person with circle keep the right distance.

Announces in Options

In the process of improving the readability of the DXE settings I have made modifications to all of the current Announces lables so that it is more apparent what is the output channel and to make the labels have if possible unified format.

DOWNLOAD version 635 | 3.3 – 3 (ZIP file)​

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